Tsinghua SEM Alumni Overview

Tsinghua SEM is fortunate to have a strong alumni community. Alumni play vital roles in building positive awareness of the School and make significant contributions to help transform the School into a world-class higher education institution. The School currently has more than 37,000 alumni from its degree programs, near 4,000 alumni from collaborative degree programs, and near 100,000 alumni from non-degree programs.The School has engaged in promoting mutual integration and cooperative development of alumni.

  • 139,986

    Total Alumni Number
  • 37,889

    Degree Programs
  • 3,965

    Collaborative Degree Programs
  • 98,132

    Non-Degree Programs
  • 60

    Countries and Regions

Tsinghua SEM Construction Fund

In order to better unite the school’s alumni, gather their strength, and encourage more alumni to participate in the construction and development of the school, Tsinghua SEM has opened a "micro donation" channel for SEM alumni, and set up a construction fund account.

Tsinghua SEM Construction Fund in accordance with the principle of "everyone participates, donation is voluntary and the amount is not limited", the fund opens to all SEM alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

SEM Alumni of the degree program can donate through the "SEM Development Fund" item in the "Tsinghua people" Wechat applet; faculty, staff, alumni of non degree programs and students can scan the following QR code to register the intention to donate. Once the identity is verified, SEM alumni center will contact you for the follow-up donation process.

  • “Tsinghua people” Wechat applet
  • Scan to register the donate intention